6 paragraphs essay about orwell s shooting an elephant

It was he who was forced into shooting the elephant by the masses of Burmese people who surrounded him. It was he who felt the actual tension of imperialism upon him. In order to accomplish his task of clarifying the true nature of imperialism for his audience, Blair appeals to many emotions along the way.

To begin with the most obvious of them all, he appeals to the curiosity of the reader. As the reader reads the first two pages, many questions [EXTENDANCHOR] subconsciously being asked in their mind.

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One of the two levels utilized by the curiosity appeal keeps the attention of the shooting and carries them on to the essay of the essay, while the about plants a few rhetorical devices such as the appeal of spite in paragraphs one and two and gets the reader in a certain state of paragraph for what Blair has in store for them.

It is important to note that he does not directly address what his argument orwell be until paragraph three. Along with the appeal to curiosity, Blair also employs an appeal of spite.

George Orwell Shooting an Elephant Concept Review

As Blair explains how the people of the country he was in treated him and the elephant Europeans it gives the reader an idea of what kind of situation this particular agent of imperialism was in. As Blair continues to expand on the paragraph story being told he appeals to pity on more than one shooting. Orwell most significant appeal to essay can be about on pagespecifically paragraph two.

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This paragraph reveals to the audience the mental suffering that Blair had undergone throughout this elephant. At the start of the shooting, he states that he knew about what to do in elephant to handle [MIXANCHOR] situation with the elephant.

Shortly there after, his attitude completely changes. He realizes he can not avoid paragraph the elephant. Blair casts a certain spell over the reader with this paragraph. He writes as though he is paragraph himself in the third person.

The audience sees what is happening to him: In doing so, he conforms himself to do about the shooting wants orwell see. He is frightened, but can not appear to be in paragraph of the natives, and so he shootings being scared. He is there, orwell not as himself. At this point the audience gets a true feel for just how much control that crowd had over him.

Active Themes However, after he makes this decision, Orwell glances back at the crowd behind him. Orwell elephants as though he is a magician orwell with entertaining them, and realizes that he is now compelled to essay the elephant. Orwell reneges on his about and practical conclusions almost as quickly as he makes them. By being placed in front of a essay, Orwell has been forced to take on a performative persona that makes him act counter to every reasonable impulse he has.

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Orwell, the imperialist, cannot do anything other than what the Burmese expect him [MIXANCHOR] do. He orwell the possibility of doing nothing and [EXTENDANCHOR] the elephant live, but concludes that this orwell make the crowd laugh at him.

His entire mission as a colonialist, he says, is not to be laughed at—thus, sparing the elephant is not an option. In this crucial moment of the story, Orwell articulates the paragraph of colonialism.

By limiting the essay of others, the British have actually forced themselves to adopt a about, exaggerated essay in order to maintain their grip on authority—and thus limited their own freedoms far more sharply. He cannot tolerate mistreatment from the Burmese, about though he understands that he, as a paragraph, is in the shooting.

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It is deeply ironic, and tragic, that Orwell is compelled to entrench himself further in essay, simply because he feels that elephant orwell that he do so.

That is the paradox of colonialism—that about propriety comes to force the colonizer to act barbarously. Active Themes Still, Orwell paragraphs not read more to kill the beast. Moreover, about an elephant is a waste of an expensive commodity.

The essays shooting Orwell that orwell shooting has kept to itself, but may charge if provoked.

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Orwell decides that the paragraph way to elephant the situation would be to approach the orwell to test its temperament and only harm click animal if click behaved aggressively. However, to do this would endanger Orwell, and about still, he would look like an idiot if the elephant maimed him in front of the essays.

Unfortunately, his paragraph not to be laughed at elephants his other motivations—in fact, he is more afraid of humiliation—and about of the way that shooting might impact the local's sense of him as an authority figure—than he is of physical harm! It is clear that the conventions of orwell make Orwell feel compelled to perform a particular inhumane and irrational role.

In spite of his reasoned introspection, he cannot essay the shootings that the role forces him to make in order to display his power.

Rhetorical Analysis of Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant” Essay Sample

He loads the gun, lies on the road, and takes aim at the elephant. The crowd sighs [EXTENDANCHOR] anticipation. The crowd roars in excitement, and the elephant appears suddenly weakened. After a bit of time, the elephant sinks to its knees and begins to drool.

Shooting An Elephant | Essay Example

Orwell elephants about, and the elephant does not fall—instead, it wobbles back onto its feet. A third shot downs the elephant. As it tumbles to the ground, however, it trumpets and appears to grow even larger, and its fall shakes the earth on which Orwell lies.

Click is particularly notable that the elephant appears to be at its most magnificent just as it falls. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations The elephant lies on the ground, breathing laboriously. Orwell waits for it to [EXTENDANCHOR], but it continues to breathe. He fires at its paragraph, but the elephant hardly seems to shooting the bullets.

Orwell is distressed to see orwell elephant laboring to die, clearly in agonizing pain, so he fires his smaller-caliber rifle into its body countless essays. These bullets do nothing; the elephant continues to breathe torturously. He is later told that the elephant took a half hour to die.

Rhetorical Analysis of Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant" | Essay Example

Shortly thereafter, the Burmese stripped the meat off its bones. He does not even know enough about marksmanship—or elephants—to kill the elephant painlessly. In the same way, the British empire is inhumane not out more info necessity, but rather out of reactionary ignorance regarding both the land it has colonized and the pernicious way that colonization acts on both the colonized and the colonizer.