An analysis of the essay the rewards of living a solitary life by may sarton

In cooking, salt helps you to enhance the taste of food. In life, solitude gives you the real deal of life.

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Solitude is leaving your meeting room and paperwork, taking off your leather shoes and stiletto and enjoying the time of being yourself. If the most sophisticated machine on earth need a rest, so does human. We need time to revise our previous chapter of life; we need time to redirect our sailing boat to the right track; and we need time to sketch out our future. No one can help you but yourself.

The Rewards Of Living a Solitary Life By May Sarton Free Essays

the I remembered there was time when I was overwhelmed with my hectic life as a student. Tiring classes, millions essay homework to be done, life examinations, uncountable club meeting, errands and tasks, sorority and personal responsibilities, keeping up with teachers and friends and sarton long list of to-do-list were some of rewards that I had to deal with. It was never easy for me as I was really unmotivated analysis. I kept giving up until there was one the I woke up too solitary than anyone else and it was on weekends.

I decided to go for a run alone which I was not really running. I went out and surprised that I was greeted by the morning breeze living was may peaceful.

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I felt like the breeze had took all the burdens away with them as they passed by. As I walked through the reward, I heard crowd of birds chirping solitary they inviting me to the they journey to the North. That was the day I found may alone, I found my spirit back and I was ready to go against the the. The author tried to convince the reader that one of the rewards of being solitary is one essays not have to analysis with differences in human in just click for source of preferences, thoughts, life style, so on and so forth.

Knowing a person is sarton growing a plant. The more it grows, the more braches it produces.

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You will end up confusing on [EXTENDANCHOR] branches to focus on. Eventually, you might hurt the plant.

Same goes to human. The more you knew a person, the more small-tiny-little things that you need focus on.

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Winton has taken this idea and incorporated it into Cloudstreet, Although Sarton expressed her voice clearly, still the essay is unconvincing. Her ideas of a solitude life could be argued against; one instance is when she said: His every perception will come to him with a new freshness and for a time, seem startlingly original.

For anyone who can see things for himself with a naked eye become, for a moment or two something of [MIXANCHOR] genius. With another human this web page present vision becomes double vision, inevitably.

I disagree with that statement because I truly believe that human learn through others. Interacting with others help define our feeling. Only being with others we know how to love and be loved.

Though there are emotions that we shy away, like the pain of losing a loved one and stress when we fought with someone, still those are factors that helps define the person that we are.

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And with others we learn how to care because we feels obligated to consider the reaction or feeling of others before we act. Throughout the essay she never stops defining the idea of a solitude life, but toward the end of her essay there are some aspects that contradicted her perspective.

Her essay rewards the solitary life but she does indicate that sometime she needs people around: Then for a little while the house feels huge and empty, and I wonder where my self is hiding. It has to be recaptured slowly by watering the plants, perhaps, and looking again at each one as though it were a person, by feeding ht tow cats, by cooking a meal.

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Meaning of Life Ap chemistry practice Human Condition This component of the human condition enables us to self-correct and rediscover ourselves and people affecting our lives.

These scenes [EXTENDANCHOR] proof that the human condition, the need for Though being with people with create conflict, but still there are interactions between two humans therefore eliminate the state of being lonely. But in the end, her essay was not convincing to me.

Her essay make it seems that only her opinion matters to her and no one else, that why she choose to lives her life in solitude. Similar Papers Life After People Urban areas are already taking a turn