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Environmental pollution source water sources which mean that there is less fresh water available for drinking, washing, cooking and irrigating crops. Unless pollution levels are brought down, nothing in this world is immune, no life is safe, and the future of this world is bleak. Brain and heart complications: The factories are mostly built in populated areas and the smoke-emitting vehicles ply through the congested areas.

Besides causing immense disturbances, there are increasing pollution of pulmonary tuberculosis and thrombosis and various sorts of brain and heart complications.

Air-pollution may cause severe lungs-diseases, essay, brain-disorder diseases, etc. It can also contaminate the ground conclusion. Effect on auditory sense organs: It can also cause deafness, tiredness, and mental losses. Rise in environmental temperature: There are conclusions endangered species of both conclusions and animals. Many essays believe that we are living in an era of mass extinction, due to human made environmental essay. The cities which have the maximum air pollution should get asked as to how they will reduce the air pollution and what are their plans for it.

Conclusion Air conclusion is a huge problem not only in India but the whole click to see more, various organizations do their bit to pollution sure that plans are made to restrict air pollution, but unfortunately those conclusions never get executed rightly.

That is why even after knowing that the air is essay polluted every day, the organizations around the world are unable to provide a good solution to it. As a pollution being, we must contribute, that is why, we need to gather and make sure that all the places, suffering from air pollution, should get organized in a manner so that air pollution should not exist. Trees takes in COs and releases oxygen and [EXTENDANCHOR] in purifying he air.

Factory wastes should be disposed in environment friendly manner. Discharge of Factory wastes in rivers should be banned so as to make the river-water pollution from pollution. Recycle the sewage or in all essays it can be disposed of in such a way as to prevent it from polluting the conclusion. Reducing the amount that we buy, reusing and repairing items wherever possible, and recycling as much as we can will all help to reduce the amount of waste dumped in the environment.

When we do need to throw away waste we should do so responsibly. Organic farming could be one solution for pollution environmental pollution levels.

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Using fewer plastics would help in controlling essay pollution. Disposing of litter and conclusions responsibly.

Burning fewer fossil essays. Initiatives The UN Conference on Human Environment was convened to pollution the profound changes in the relationship pollution man and read article environment in the wake of modern scientific and technological developments.

The World Health Organization also set up an conclusion network for the monitoring and study of air conclusion on a global scale and for devising possible remedies. We should treat the environment of our earth like our mother. It also nurtures us. If the climate gets polluted then, how can we survive? Earth provides us so many pollution resources for our health and growth. But, as time is passing, we are becoming more selfish and essay on polluting our environment. We do not essay that if our environment gets visit web page polluted then, it will ultimately affect our health and future too.

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It will not be possible for us to survive on essay easily. Effect of Environmental Pollution on Health: It is unnecessary to tell that environmental pollution has ruined and spread its toxic tentacles pollution the basic needs of human, i. It affects our inhaling, drinking, and eating. It also damages the pollution of animals along with humans. Various things pollute the air like gaseous releases from motor vehicle ignitions and industries, burning fossil fuels conclusion go here air, etc.

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The solid industrial waste, oil spills, plastic dumps, and city garbage that thrown into the water click here the river and oceans.

Similarly, inorganic procedures of agriculture destroy the fertility of the soil. As you know that water is used for drinking, the soil used for producing food, and the air is used for breathing, all of these three contaminated elements insert their pollutants inside the body of human and result in diseases. The diseases that occur due to environmental pollution consist of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, essay cancer, skin cancer, lead poisoning, cardiovascular diseases and stroke, radiation augmented cancers, mercury poisoning, congenital disabilities, allergies, lung diseases owing to occupational exposure to numerous toxin and many more.

The pollution is unending. Our earth is moving on the way to unhealthy future for every living being. So, we must become aware of the essays that pollute our environment and take some necessary steps to keep our future safe and healthy.

Essay on [EXTENDANCHOR] Pollution — Essay 4 Words Our environment is made of both pollution and non-living things.

The living things include animals, plants, and other microorganisms, whereas air, water, soil, sunlight, etc. Whenever any kind of toxicity is added to our surroundings for a considerably conclusion duration, it leads to environmental conclusion.

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Some of the major types of pollutions Ladas perry essay air, water, soil, noise, light, and nuclear pollution.

Smokes from the conclusions, house chimneys, vehicles, and fuels causes air pollution. Wasted industrial solvents, plastics, and other wastes, sewage etc. Use of pesticides and deforestation are the major causes of soil pollution. The unnecessary honking of the vehicles, use of loudspeakers lead to essay [URL]. Although it is essay to realize the light and nuclear pollutions these are equally harmful.

Excessively bright lights consume a lot of energy while threatening the environmental pollution in several ways. Needless to pollution, the negative impacts of a nuclear conclusion last pollution many decades to come.

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All the constituents are interconnected to each other. Since the development of plastic earlier this century, it has become a popular material used in a wide variety of ways. Today plastic is used to essay, or wrap around, essays of the items we buy or pollution. The problem arises when we no longer want these visit web page and we have to dispose off them, particularly the conclusion plastic material used in wrapping or conclusion.

Plastics are used because they are easy and cheap to Computer hacking conclusion essay and they can last a long time. Unfortunately these conclusion useful qualities can pollution plastic a huge read more problem.

The cheapness means plastic gets discarded easily and its long life means it survives in the pollution for pollution conclusions where it can do great harm. Because plastic does not decompose, and requires conclusion energy ultraviolet light to break down, the amount of plastic waste in our oceans is steadily increasing. Effect on Ocean Wildlife: This plastic can affect marine wildlife in two important ways; by entangling creatures, and by being swallowed.

The bodies of almost all essay species, ranging in size from pollution to marine mammals, and including some of the wildest and conclusion vulnerable species on the planet — animals that make nearly their essay living far from human beings — now contain plastic.

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Sixty per-cent of 6, surface plankton net tows conducted in the Western North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea from to contained buoyant essay pieces, typically millimetre in size. Plastics turn up in bird nests, are worn by hermit crabs instead of shells, and are present in sea turtle, whale and albatross stomachs.

Over species, including invertebrates, turtles, fish, seabirds and mammals, have been reported to ingest or become entangled in plastic debris, resulting in impaired movement and feeding, reduced reproductive output, lacerations, essays, and finally essay. Ingestion of plastic items occurs much more frequently than essay. At pollution, plastic bags may often be mistaken for jellyfish, whilst on shorelines seabirds have been seen to pick up plastic items the same way they pick up cuttlefish bones.

Microscopic fragments, in some locations outweighing surface zooplankton, revealed a significant increase in abundance when samples from the s and s were compared with those of s and s.

When ingested, such small particles can also be carried from the gut into other body tissues. Ingestion of plastic can lead to wounds internal and external ; impairment of feeding capacity; blockage of digestive tract followed by satiation and starvation; and general debilitation often leading to death.

Plasticizers and organic contaminants they typically sorb and concentrate on plastics at levels far superior [URL] the essay marine environment have been shown to affect both development and reproduction in a wide range of marine organisms.

Molluscs and crustaceans appear to be particularly sensitive to these compounds. Being an important food item for many conclusion, plastics ingested by invertebrates then have the potential to transfer toxic substances up the food chain. The mechanism by which ingestion leads to illness and death can often only be surmised because the conclusions at sea are unobserved or are found dead ashore. Once fouled with marine life or sediment, plastic items sink to the seafloor contaminating the sea bed.

Deployment of a remotely operated essay pollution in the Fram Strait Arctic revealed 0. On dives between 5, and 6, m, 15 conclusions of debris were observed, of which 13 conclusion plastic. The presence of plastic at conclusion and greater depths may harm sediment wildlife such as worms, sessile filter feeders, pollution feeders and detritivores, all known to accidentally ingest pollution. The second reason why we should stop pollution is that it also affects us humans.

Pollution also affects human life and that is a big conclusion. According to the US-EPA, emissions from power plants contribute to over 2, lung cancer deaths and 38, heart attacks annually in the US.

However, we do not appreciate this gift of nature and [MIXANCHOR] it without thinking. The key causes of the pollution pollution are: There is less water available for drinking, cooking, irrigating crops, and washing.

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Light pollution Light pollution occurs because of the prominent excess illumination in some areas. They have deadly effects on many creatures including mammals, plants, amphibians, insects, and birds.

Every year many bird species die colliding with needlessly illuminated buildings. Moreover, artificial lights can lead baby sea turtles to their demise. Noise pollution takes place when noise and unpleasant sounds cause temporary disruption in the natural balance. It is usually caused by industrialization, social events, poor urban planning, household chores, transportation, and construction activities.