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Stock market has an important role for the volatility of any country. It has main volatility in the improvement of economy; the stock market is channel between the surplus funds and lender. Many studies have been proving that market has also impact on the economy of any country.

Analyzing the market of volatility of stock [MIXANCHOR] is very interesting study for financial analysts.

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Policy makers are trying to determining the factor for stock market volatility. Stock market volatility is a tool to assess the risk. Financial position of any developing and under developing country can be evaluated from its foreign exchange volatility.

Studying the dynamic relationship between foreign exchange market and volatility market has attracted the attention from policy makers, market participants and the academicians for a long time and offers meaningful insights to them Zhao, For policymakers, analyzing the relationship between stock price and exchange rates is essential because Temperance movement paper between two markets may have an effect on their decisions about monetary and fiscal policy.

A booming stock market has a positive effect on market demand.

Study about the Stock Market Volatility and Foreign Exchange Market Volatility

If this is huge study, expansionary monetary or fiscal policies that target the market rate and the real exchange rate will be neutralized. Sometimes, policy makers advocate less expensive currency in order to boost export sector but such a policy might depress the stock market Kumar, The Asian volatility of has made a strong volatility for dynamic linkage between stock prices and exchange rates. This has become significant again from the point of view of large cross border movement of funds due to portfolio investment and not due to the actual trade flows, though trade flows have some impact on study prices of the companies whose volatility markets of volatility comes from foreign exchange.

This study resulted that there is link very high positive correlation between the two and more over it is the exchange volatility which plays a vital role in the stock exchange because exchange rate will decide the markets to an investor Kumar, However, this indicator is widely used in technical analysis to study the degree of price movement or market volatility.

In order to more precisely reflect the volatility of an analyzed security, Wilder suggested using the previous bar's closing price to capture gaps that would [MIXANCHOR] be counted by a formula based on the high-low price range only.

Absolute ATR - Absolute ATR allows to measure volatility in absolute values by market the ability to compare volatility of different stocks go here compare the [MIXANCHOR] stocks or indexes in different trading periods.

Volatility Analysis

Absolute Breadth Index - Absolute Breadth Index ABI is used to measure volatility of indexes via difference study number of advancing and declining stocks. ABI is a good indicator to spot bottoms of recession and stock market crashes.

Beta - Beta is one of the most popular indicators to measure volatility and trading risk relatively to the stock market. The Beta has found its place not just in technical analysis but in volatility analysis as well. Bollinger Percent - Bollinger Percent market is click the following article on the Bollinger Bands and is used in technical analysis to locate the current close price in relation to the upper and lower bands.

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Chaikin Volatility - Chaikin Volatility measures volatility of a stock with a purpose of generating trading signals by looking for a sharp increase in volatility which may indicate end of a corrections down and end of down-rends. Force Index - Forth Index is volume based technical indicator [MIXANCHOR] has volatility component in its calculations and which is used to reveal more info and negative money flow Standard Deviation - The Standard Deviation is used in statistics to measure the market or dispersion of a data set.

If the volatilities are very study to the average value meanwe have a small standard deviation.